Social responsibility

Raute is the global market leader with customers, employees and partners around the world. This enables us to drive change in the wood industry.

Advocating health and safety without exceptions

We promote Health and Safety without compromise, targeting zero incidents.  Our health and safety attitude raises the bar in the whole industry including our employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers. We want to be known for our safety culture. Occupational safety and the right working methods are important to us, whether it is at our own units or our customers’ mills.  In fact, we strive to set the industry standard for safety practices.  

Occupational safety

Raute LTIF*

* Number of workplace injuries which lead to absence of at least one day / total work hours x 1 000 000

Safety in product design

We redesigned our products to match the upcoming EU machine directive. One of the key design principles was to remove unnecessary visual noise from the working environment. This enables us to direct the user’s attention to critical details, such as moving parts that might cause dangerous situations.  

Attracting and developing diverse talent

We want our employees to thrive with us, with long and evolving careers. We are the workplace to drive change in the wood industry. Our own local operations in Europe, North and Latin America, China and Asia offer equal career opportunities for technical, manufacturing, engineering, commercial, material science and administrative talent alike. 

We appreciate diversity in our employees’ background, their talent, education and experience, and offer an inspiring, value driven culture. We believe this contributes to our success and sustainability by enhancing innovativeness, flexibility, and the ability to communicate with our stakeholders. 

42.7 years 

The average age of our personnel in 2023

6 continents  

Our personnel geographically in 2023 


754 people

Smarter together 

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