Our economic, environmental and social impact

Sustainability key figures

There is growing global demand for clean technology in the wood products industry. One of the focus areas is climate emissions from raw materials such as wood. This global trend supports our long-term business, as we deliver resource-efficient solutions that enable a smarter use of renewable wood materials.  Our deliveries and our main development projects contribute positively to the value creation for our stakeholders.

Our economic impact



We aim to actively reduce the environmental impacts and risks of our own activities, and systematically measure our carbon footprint, i.e. the amount of carbon dioxide emissions associated with our own activities. This measurement includes our own electricity, heat, and fuel consumption. We have also further accelerated the digitalization of our operating models and customer service processes.

We have the ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) certifications for our headquarters and factory in Lahti, Finland. In our environmental management program, we focus on the management of chemical safety and the reduction of the volume of waste, among others. In 2022, the execution rate for measures concerning environmental matters was 68% of the target set according to our ISO 14001 Program.

Our social impact

The cornerstones of our social impact are occupational safety and the right working methods, whether at our own units or at our customers’ mills. Our  LTIF figure developed in the right direction, being 6.2 on the LTIF scale, and was within our target for a third consecutive year. This means that there were no more than 10 absences resulting from occupational accidents lasting at least one day for every million working hours. 

In line with Raute’s new ESG roadmap, our future ambitions for social responsibility will include advocating for health and safety without exceptions. Additionally, we aim to attract and develop diverse talent.

Solar energy plant

Solar energy is a renewable, emission-free energy source. Raute’s factory in Lahti is equipped with a 180 kWp solar power plant. On a sunny day, it can produce about 30% of our average daily electricity consumption. With a lifecycle of at least 25 years, the power plant helps us to further decrease our carbon footprint.