Raute’s year 2023

This is how we were Making Wood Matter in 2023


Annual Report 2023

We are the global market leader and the only end-to-end partner in veneer, plywood and LVL production technologies. Understanding customers’ needs is at the heart of our operations. We create value by supplying profitable and environmentally sustainable production solutions. With decades long partnerships and a global sales and services network, we innovate for the good of the growing engineered wood products industry. Today, more than half of the LVL manufactured in the world is pressed with machines supplied by Raute.  

In this Annual Report, you’ll find the most relevant information about our operating environment, business operations and strategy. The report also highlights the key points of our corporate responsibility and financial performance in 2023.

EUR 315

million order intake
(2022: EUR 138 million)

EUR 145.4

million net sales
(2022: EUR 158.3 million)


Comparable EBITDA margin
(2022: -1.4%)


Equity ratio
(2022: 36.6%)

EUR 0.10

per share dividend proposal
(2022: EUR 0.00)


mill-sized orders


Analyzers’ and Services’ relative
share of net sales



CEO's review

Making wood matter

The year 2023 was exceptionally momentous for Raute as we introduced our new growth strategy and purpose in the spring, all focused on Making Wood Matter. The execution of the strategy got into full swing as we started operating under a new organizational structure, completed key recruitments, built our commercial excellence capabilities, strengthened our capital structure, and implemented a new enterprise resource planning system.

We also continued defining our environmental and social responsibility, and ESG governance targets and measures across our business units and lines as well as key functions. We seized new opportunities in data and digitalization in product development as well as capitalized on our capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine vision.

We ended the year 2023 with a record-high order book of EUR 266 million. I’m very proud of this achievement amid a challenging market situation globally. It shows that Raute has a unique place in the market as the leading end-to-end partner in veneer, plywood and LVL production technologies.

Mika Saariaho
President and CEO

Value chain

Sustainability is key in the wood processing value chain

Raute creates value by supplying solutions for the profitable and environmentally sustainable production of wood products.

Read more about Raute’s role in
the wood processing value chain here.

We are the partner to future-proof the wood industry

We provide technology, analyzers, and services to transform wood into modern engineered wood products – veneer, plywood and LVL – that people can trust. We also actively leverage our capabilities in other new engineered wood product segments such as solid wood production. Data-led and digitalized production is at the core of our operations.

“After partnering with Raute for three generations of our family history, collaborating again with Raute in this important investment for our company is a guarantee for success and a sign of trust.”

Antoine Thebault, President and CEO of THEBAULT Group

“In assessing the problems inherent to a manual line, Raute said: We’re smarter than that, we’re all engineers, we’ll figure out something better.”

Tony Brown, Plant Manager at Georgia-Pacific Madison

Raute signed an agreement with Uruguayan forestry company Lumin to supply all main production processes to their new eucalyptus plywood mill. All lines are of the most modern automated R7-Series technology equipped with analyzers for grading and MillSIGHTS software for data capturing.

Raute will supply all main production processes from veneer drying to plywood overlaying to Latvijas Finieris, a leading birch plywood producer in Europe. The lines form a complete solution combining the proven R5- and most modern automated R7-Series technologies.

Attracting and developing diverse talent

We seek to be an attractive, modern technology company with a purpose, providing equal learning opportunities to current and future talents.

At Raute, I feel I am at the center of the continuous changes in society driven by digitalization, the green transition, and respect for natural values. It is inspiring and provides constant opportunities to improve my skills and understanding.

Tapani Tilus, Chief Technology Officer

The team spirit within the projects is inspiring thanks to the skilled people who have common goals and work seamlessly together to achieve them. Working at Raute is also my way to connect to the world and people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Sebastian Marisio, Vice President LAM Market Area

At Raute, we have freedom to plan our work. I feel like I am respected as a person and that my work is valued, and that is important to me.

Heidi Jämsä, Business Controller