Raute One-sided Liquid Extruder Gluing (LEG): The breakthrough glue saving solution

Raute Group

Plywood lay-up is one of the most crucial processes in plywood production, which is often reflected in the final quality of the end panel. As important as it is, it could also be the most expensive step in plywood production, especially with the tremendous increase in glue prices.

Managing glue usage and veneer handling in plywood production well, a smooth sailing profitable production awaits. It is, however, easier said than done. Many producers worldwide often find themselves spending vast amounts of money to buy more glue when they do not need to. The cost of glue wastage can go up to a whopping US$500,000 a year for a mill with an annual production of 60,000 cubic meters. Veneer setting prior to gluing and lay-up is no longer required with Raute One-sided LEG solution, saving labor hours and reducing the risk of recovery loss due to excessive manual veneer handling.

A breakthrough in technology to curb glue wastage, veneer breakages, and labor cost 

Enter Raute Plywood Lay-up Lines. All Raute Plywood Lay-up lines use a unique technology that utilizes the One-sided Liquid Extruder Gluing (LEG) method to spread glue evenly and accurately on veneers, ensuring gentle veneer handling and optimal glue usage.



Advantages of One-sided Liquid Extruder Gluing (LEG):

  1. 20% Glue saving
    • Even and accurate glue spread results in an average of 20% glue savings
  2. Labor-saving operation
    • A maximum of only two operators are required for operating the entire lay-up line
    • No veneer setting required
  3. Flexible operation
    • Compatible with any wood species, veneer thicknesses or grain directions
    • Easy plywood construction set up in the control panel HMI suited for any product mix requirements
    • Composed veneer friendly
  4. High capacity and productivity
    • Up to doubled capacity of roller spreader
    • Automatic veneer feeding increases productivity and capacity versus manual handling
  5. Improve overall quality
    • No mechanical contact with the glue applicator; eliminating the risk of breakage, especially wavy and brittle veneers
    • Significantly reduces manual veneer handling and risks of breakage by operators
    • Easy visual quality control with one-sided gluing
    • Veneers with thickness variation and roughness use the same glue spread, reducing the risk of panel delamination

 In 2021 alone, Raute has sold 10 units of Plywood Lay-up Lines around the world, and many more orders are in the pipeline. Having a glue-saving lay-up solution is no longer a concept with one-sided gluing. Proven by many successful projects and repeated orders which Raute delivers!

Find out more here: https://www.raute.com/lines-and-machines/lines/plywood-lay-up/