Raute Services – Future-proof your mill.

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Last year, we realized that we need to rethink our services to make our offering clearer and more structured for our customers worldwide. The background work from customer surveys and concept design was carried out during the year's first half and the redesigned Raute Services saw the light in June 2022.

Let’s go through what was done, why, and most importantly – what the revisited Raute Services look like today.  

Let us introduce you the Raute Services – Future-proof your mill. 

The need for improving the service offering 

Raute has been in the service business for a long time, and we have delivered many different services for different situations and customers. It had become clear that we need to rethink our service offering and how we present it. This year we took the bull by the horns and decided to remodel our services concept – to make it better for our customers.  

We conducted surveys for our customers and staff to get the most knowledge and data on our services and customers’ needs. We wanted to make sure that we offer the right services to any need that our customers have – understandably and easily. 

Based on these surveys, it became obvious that our customers need services to maintain their mills and machinery and improve their business in the long run. At this point, our services were a bit unstructured and there was little information on digital channels.  

This knowledge led us to redesign our entire service offering to better suit our customers’ developing needs in the modern wood product business. Now, the Raute Services are designed to Future-proof your mill – from new mill operations to maintenance services to improving the mill’s efficiency from numerous different aspects. 

Raute Services – Future-proof your mill. 

Our services are now officially redesigned and reorganized for our customers to better understand them and to get a more comprehensive picture of our offering. They are introduced more specifically here.  

Raute offers services locally globally to any Raute- and non-Raute machinery in the veneer, plywood, and LVL business. Some services require Raute professional’s attendance at the mill, but many services can be reached remotely via multiple online channels. 

The foundation for our services is making sure that our customer's production, including machinery and personnel, works optimally now and in the future. 

The services are now divided into two sections: Maintain and Improve – which we have learned to be the most crucial entities that modern mill management requires.  

Services for maintenance operations guarantee the production to stay up and running, no matter what. This section includes spare parts, remote services, and on-site services. 

Services for the improvement on the other hand are for optimizing the production performance and efficiency, and the end-product quality. This includes various training, development, auditing, and lifecycle services.  

Did something change? 

Well, yes and no. We learned a lot about our customers – how they think and how they want to talk about different services during the process. We also learned that we need to be clearer and more transparent about the services that we offer.  

The change in the way of thinking and presenting the services can be seen all over our services communication, the website, and most importantly to our customers every day.  

The content or number of services changed only marginally – for the better. Some services are familiar, and some we have wrapped together to serve the customers’ needs better, more precise, or more comprehensive.  

The services are now presented thoroughly on our website. This is the most visible change that was made during the process. 

Please let us know what you think about the redesigned Raute Services, visuals, and the content of the services! Our experts are always happy to help you in any matter so just contact us using the channel and device you most prefer.   

Raute Services – Future-proof your mill.