Brand guidelines

Being Raute means having global expertise in wood products technology. Our name and brand stand not only for leading technology and innovations but also for professional pride and honesty. We understand our client’s business and are motivated in developing it. The Raute brand reflects our values to different audiences from employees and owners to external audiences such as customers, investors, local societies and other key interest groups.

The Raute identity is our face to the world, the way we present ourselves and the way others perceive us. This is why Being Raute means not only providing the best quality products and services, but also presenting consistent communications in all that we do.

These graphic guidelines state how to present a coherent Raute brand. A strong, consistent brand identity reinforces credibility, is remembered better, and makes us stand out. The contents includes instructions on how to use the Raute logo, which colors and typeface to select.

It is intended to be used by all those involved in communicating the Raute message, whether through visual presentations, printed material or over the web.

May 2020 Raute Corporation, Nastola, Finland

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