Typography for web in web guidelines section.

Primary typefaces in print use

The primary typefaces of Raute are Montserrat and Cambria.

Montserrat Regular is a safe choice for body text. Montserrat Light is meant for shorter texts and titles.

Use Montserrat SemiBold or Montserrat ExtraBold in titles and in subtitles. Use Montserrat as body text in advertisements and smaller brochures.

Use Cambria as body text in articles and other print materials and in all texts in reports and long documents.

Both font families include various font weights and italics. Use different font options for highlights and subheadings.

Typography for Office use

In Microsoft Office programs and whenever Montserrat is not available, it is replaced with Calibri.

Contact Raute marketing for more information about purchasing a license for the font families.

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