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Raute Digital Services - Privacy policy

Updated 05.04.2018 at 11:00.

Please read these terms and conditions before accessing and using Raute Digital Services ("Services"). Do not access the Services if you do not agree all of the terms and conditions.

This privacy policy applies to the Services provided on websites managed by Raute Oyj or by Raute Group companies ("Raute"). There might be additional conditions on some websites of Raute.


Cookies are small text files stored on your computer. Cookies will be used to make easier to use Services by storing your preferences or status of your session. Your browser might allow you to prohibit the use of cookies. That may prevent you from using Services. Raute does not collect personal information with cookies.

Personal information 

You can share your personal information (job title, name, email address, contact information or other information identifiable to you) with Services if you choose to do so. If you share personal information of someone else like colleague or spouse, Raute assumes you have the right and person's permission to do so. By doing so you give the permission to Raute to process this information similarly to your personal information.

You may need to register to Services with your personal information to be able to utilize Services. Your personal information may be used to check other privacy related information.

After using Services you may be contacted by Raute representative. The reason for this might be to answer to your request, marketing of Raute products, Raute or Services related survey, or similar reason.

Actions by Raute might require transfer your personal information within Raute or to third parties in countries, where legislation covering protection of personal data is different from EU legislation. By using Services you agree to this data transfer, storing and processing.

Raute's actions to protect your personal information 

Raute is committed to respect and protect your privacy. Raute is committed to comply with legislation covering use and protection of personal data. Raute has taken all reasonable measures to protect your personal information and to prevent its unauthorized or incorrect use.

The recipients of your personal information through Services shall be required to respect and protect your privacy. They may not use your personal data for any other purpose than fulfilling Services. Raute will not sell your personal data to third parties.

The information in Services may be disclosed to legal authorities by their request if permitted by law.

Technical and location information​

Activity in Services and used IP addresses might be logged and stored. This information will be utilized in development of Services, e.g. to recognize favorite Services and needed capacity, or problems encountered in Services.

Services use technology which recognizes technical information like operating system or browser of the used device, or location information like network location or web site from where Services have been started.

Your responsibilities​

You affirm you have the right to share the material which you are sharing in Services. You have taken reasonable measures to scan and remove possible cyber threats from your shared material. You are committed not to share material which is unfit to be published. You will indemnify Raute if any third party takes justified action against Raute because of the material you shared. You grant Raute the free right to use your shared material for purposes stated in this policy.

Global data transmission

Raute operates in global environment. This includes Services. Personal information shared by you is transmitted through global internet into Services. By using Services you approve and agree this.

Transmission of information through internet is in general not secure. As your personal information is within Services Raute will do its best to protect it. However, transmission of your personal information from you to Services is on your own risk.

Raute's Services may contain links to other websites which are not managed by Raute. By using such a link you approve this website may collect information from you and use it in accordance with this website's privacy policy. Raute has no responsibility or liability of privacy policy of third parties managing these websites. Please check these policies before you submit any personal information to these websites.


By registering in Careers within Services, you share your personal information with Raute in order to be considered as a possible employee at Raute. You can view and update your personal information at any time. Use only private address as email and mail contact information. You affirm your personal information you share is true and correct. You can remove your recruitment registration at any time through Services. In such case your personal information for registration will be deleted in accordance with EU regulation.

Raute's policy is to treat your personal information as confidential. The information and documents you have shared in Careers within Services will be used only when searching for suitable candidates for Raute. Only HR persons and specific recruitment related persons have access to your data.

Raute operates in global environment and uses external partners globally. This includes processing personal information you shared for recruitment. Recruitment related Raute persons may work in any country or be employed by recruitment related third parties in any country. Personal information you shared can be transmitted to and be processed in a country where the protection of personal information does not meet EU regulation. By sharing your personal information you approve transfer, processing and storage of your personal information to be used in Raute recruitment process and Raute may contact you regarding recruitment.

Your personal information for recruitment will be deleted in accordance with EU regulation at the end of recruitment process or if you cancel your application.

As part of development of recruitment process you might be asked to participate in an anonymous survey. Your name and contact information will be deleted after you have completed the survey. The results of the survey will be anonymous. Raute or professional third party working for Raute conducts the survey. Participation in the survey is voluntary and does not affect the specific recruitment in any way.

Access to personal information 

You have the right to access your stored personal information or get a copy of it once a year free of charge. Any additional access request may have a fee as there are costs included in data retrieval. Raute may ask you to verify your identity and ask some information about your request. To obtain a copy of the personal information Raute holds about you, please contact by mail Raute Oyj, Rautetie 2, 15551 Nastola, Finland. If any of your personal data should be incorrect, you are entitled to have it corrected. 

Minor persons

Persons under the age of 16 (or of higher age if local legislation so demands) are not allowed to share information within Services without the consent of a parent or legal guardian. The same applies to purchases and other actions within Services.


If you have any questions concerning your personal information within Raute or Raute privacy policy contact Raute. For contact information please visit

Changes to Raute privacy policy

Raute may update this privacy policy. If there are essential changes to this policy Raute will notify you by posting a notice in Services prior to implementing the change. We recommend you to periodically review this privacy policy in order to be informed of possible changes in it.​