Efficient debarking and round-up for spindleless peeling

Block Round-up Lathe R3

Efficient spindleless debarking and round-up lathe for straight small diameter blocks. Continuous production guaranteed with robust Nordic design.

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Block Round-up Lathe R3
Block Round-up Lathe R3

Block Round-up Lathe R3 - for small diameter blocks

Block Round-up Lathe R3 is designed especially for use as part of the spindleless Veneer Peeling Line R3, but can also operate as a standalone round-up lathe.

This robust Nordic design round-up lathe is perfect for utilizing small diameter blocks with reasonable investment. The standard round-up lathes fit your needs with three different size models: 4/3 ft, 5/4 ft and 8 ft. The lathe is operated by one operator.

Perfectly round blocks with Block Round-up Lathe R3

To learn more about how to roundup logs perfectly with Block Round-up Lathe R3, talk to our experts.

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