Simple construction and easy to maintain

Dryer Infeed Feeder R5

Solid dryer infeed (20 feeds/min) solution with guaranteed performance for full veneer sheets.

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Dryer Infeed Feeder R5 – Guaranteed performance

As a part of Raute’s proven R5-Series veneer drying technology, Raute Dryer Infeed Feeder R5 is made of simple construction, making it also easy to maintain.

Dryer Infeed Feeder R5 has a medium feeding capacity up to 20 feeds/min and it requires only one operator. This infeed feeder is equipped with adjustable over-lapping possibility and HMI with versatile adjustments.

Raute dryer infeed feeder solutions are available for new or existing Raute drying lines as modernizations and for other manufacturers’ drying lines.

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