Spindleless peeling lathe for small diameter blocks

Veneer Lathe R3

Spindleless, electric peeling lathe that peels hiqh-quality veneer from small diameter blocks. Unmatched thickness tolerance with optimal peeling geometry.

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Veneer Lathe R3 - make the most of small diameter blocks

The spindleless heavy-duty Veneer Lathe R3 enables peeling of small diameter blocks including cores with high efficiency and quality. There are three standard sizes: 4/3 ft, 5/4 ft and 8 ft. All R3-Series lathes are Nordic design and are manufactured and tested at Raute’s own factory. 

The lathe’s unique optimal peeling geometry (OPG) ensures good recovery from each block with its high thickness accuracy unmatched by any other lathe in the market. The lathe is 100% electric minimizing energy consumption and maximizing controllability of movements.

Utilize high peeling speeds and benefit from the lathe's automatic operations enabling high efficiency. Adjust the peeling settings digitally through a touch screen user interface to ensure optimal veneer quality. 

Make the most of small diameter blocks with Veneer Lathe R3

To learn more about how to make the most of small diameter blocks with Veneer Lathe R3, talk to our experts.

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