Plywood Production

PT Kutai Timber Indonesia

Indonesia, Probolinggo

PT Kutai Timber Indonesia secures profitability by investing in industrial patching.

PT Kutai Timber Indonesia (PT KTI), a part of Sumimoto Forestry Group, has a unique operation with three divisions: Plywood, Woodworking, and Particle Boards.

Since PT KTI's shifted to use plantation wood as raw material, the need for small repairs, like removing knots from the veneers and patching the rotten or broken parts of the veneers, also increased. In the beginning needed patching was done manually, by hand.

In around 2019, PT KTI bought their first set of three Veneer Patcher R3s. After seeing the benefits, they have invested more. Now, in the year 2022, PT KTI has made its third re-order for the patching machines and is planning for the next order for 2023.

With six Veneer Patcher R3s, PT Kutai Timber Indonesia has increased efficiency and accuracy by automating processes earlier done by hand. The patching machine allows them to reallocate manpower to more value-adding tasks and is expected to enhance the profitability of their business.

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