Environmental responsibility

Environmental considerations are a fundamental aspect of our operations and our decision-making processes.

Innovating resource-efficiency and reaching climate targets

We focus in innovating advanced products and services for resource efficiency and driving climate action. Raute’s solutions enable high yield of raw materials and energy efficient processes. This way we mitigate our own footprint in industrial production, and hope to steer the whole value chain towards a more sustainable direction. 

Innovating advanced products and services for resource-efficiency

We aim to maximize resource efficiency with intelligent production solutions that make the most of needed resources at all times. Wood is a renewable raw material, and it is growing strongly in popularity worldwide. We strive to create value through innovation and circular actions, such as modernizing legacy machinery and offering end-of-use alternatives. By doing so, we seek to promote a more sustainable approach to manufacturing and contribute to a circular economy 



Stepping up in the value chain of engineered wood products industry.


MillSIGHTS & Analyzers

Real time production analysis and optimization from the perspectives of raw material usage, workforce efficiency and automation.


Panel Repairing Line R5

Repairing the plywood and solid wood panels automatically to achieve the best possible panel surface quality.

Driving climate action

Our goal is to achieve net-zero emissions in our own operations by 2030. We do this by mitigating our own carbon footprint with energy-efficient manufacturing and quality control, material efficiency, long-lifespan products and by using renewable energy.  

We act as an enabling partner for customers to reach their climate targets. As a result, our customers can create high-quality wood products that store carbon and have a positive climate impact. Engineered wood products that are made of renewable, recyclable wood, replace many materials with a harmful environmental impact. Increasing the use of sustainably produced wood in construction, logistics and furniture, for example, is an effective way to reduce emissions. We also strive to mitigate other negative impacts on the climate and biodiversity. 

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energy used

We have improved our energy efficiency since 2020, measured in kWH/working hour.


CO2 emissions

We produce notably less CO2 since 2020, measured in total emissions (Scope 1-2) tCO2e.

Solar energy plant

Solar energy is a renewable, emission-free energy source. Raute’s factory in Lahti is equipped with a 180 kWp solar power plant. On a sunny day, it can produce about 30% of our average daily electricity consumption. With a lifecycle of at least 25 years, the power plant helps us to further decrease our carbon footprint.