ESG governance

We want to drive sustainability, positive change and the establishment of new industry standards also in the ways of conducting business.

Making wood matter

We want to demonstrate how sustainability contributes to long-term success and value creation for all of our stakeholders. Our ESG governance focuses on fostering ESG throughout the value chain and seeking sustainable growth. Raute works together with quality partners to enhance sustainability and positive impacts on societies at every step of the way. Our streamlined company and ESG governance across different markets support growth with high ESG standards 

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Fostering ESG throughout the value chain  

Our Ethical principles extend throughout our supply chain and business practices. Raute ensures careful partner selection and the security of supply as well as understands and manages the significant environmental, social and governance impacts of its value chain/operations. In collaboration with our suppliers and customers, we uphold sustainability standards throughout our value chain. We believe in enhancing transparency and promoting sustainable practices at every step of the way. Raute’s Sustainable Supply Chain Policy is expected to be followed by all our suppliers.  

Sustainable forestry and supply  

Wood is a natural and renewable raw material with growing popularity worldwide. In sustainable forestry, the management and use of forests is ecologically, financially, socially, and culturally sustainable. Supply chains are traceable from wood products to forests, and production is located close to the raw material. 

Resource-efficient production and operations

Raute is the partner to future-proof the wood industry. We combine Wood Processing, Analyzers and Services into innovative production solutions, powered by data and digital tools. This enables affordable and profitable manufacture of wood products with the most resource-efficient use of wood, chemicals, and energy. We partner with our customers to improve circular economy with modernization, end-of-use alternatives, and digitalization. With new service models, we drive the change in the wood industry and help our customers reach their climate targets.

Long-lasting wood products 

Our customers manufacture long-lasting veneer, plywood, LVL and other engineered wood products. Good trackability guarantees product quality, safety and that it meets industry standards and certifications. High-quality engineered wood products also act as carbon storage. After their original life is over, they can be reused, recycled, or used as raw material in energy production. In the future, an increasing proportion of wood products will be recycled.

Resource-efficient societies 

Veneer, plywood, LVL and other engineered wood products are used mainly in building construction and furniture-making as well as in transport vehicle and packaging industries. The use of different wooden structures and components is growing dramatically, especially in building construction. Renewability, recyclability, and eco-efficiency are sustainability trends that increase the demand for and use of wood products worldwide.

Seeking sustainable growth 

Sustainable business practices are crucial for creating longer-term shareholder value and financial stability. We aim to build sustainable growth through innovation and actions that contribute to circular economy. Simultaneously we focus on global optimization and efficiency and resilience of operations. Raute seeks to gain a competitive advantage by adopting a proactive compliance management approach that goes beyond the minimum requirements set by laws and regulations. 

Responsible leadership towards all stakeholders  

At Raute, different functions and business units are responsible for their own sustainability measures, all supported by our strategy, Making Wood Matter. Our Code of Conduct, and health and safety, quality, and supplier policies guide our everyday operations.  

Raute complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020 for listed companies. Read more about our corporate governance.

Raute’s Board of Directors and the Executive Board have their own responsibilities in Raute’s ESG governance. The task of the members of Raute Corporation’s Executive Board is to manage the operative organization in accordance with the approved business strategy, and ESG agenda and targets. Read more about our ESG agenda. 

Remuneration as a part of Raute’s ESG governance

Raute’s remuneration principles are based on supporting the growth of the value of the company, ensuring leading performance, responsibility, consistency, and competitiveness. We believe sustainability is a key driver in future-proofing wood industry, based on which we encourage strong performances and behavior that support implementation of our strategy.  

Read more about remuneration at Raute and access our remuneration reports.

Key stakeholder engagement

Raute engages continuously with key stakeholders, including our employees, customers, suppliers, and the authorities, as well as the financial community with whom we are in a continuous dialogue. We contribute to the local community and future wood industry through active collaboration and systematic engagement with schools, universities, and different types of industrial and professional associations.  

We are a member of several organizations: 

Raute’s policies

Raute’s Environmental Management System certification ISO 14001  

ISO 14001 is an international standard that helps Raute improve its environmental performance through a more efficient use of resources while reducing waste.  

Raute’s Quality Management System certification ISO 9001  

ISO 9001 sets out the requirement standards for quality management systems that helps Raute be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction. 

Raute Code of Conduct

Raute Code of Conduct summarizes our requirements and expectations concerning responsible and ethical business practices. It provides clear guidance for our personnel, partners, and stakeholders to uphold our integrity and ensure responsible behavior.  

Raute has zero tolerance for corruption, bribery, and money laundering. We have developed continuously monitoring systems and practices to avoid the risk of fraud. 

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Whistleblowing channel

Raute has a procedure in place that allows stakeholders and Raute employees to report suspected breaches of the rules and regulations through an external channel (whistleblowing). The reported incidents are duly investigated by the whistleblowing team, and necessary actions are taken accordingly. 

We encourage our stakeholders and personnel to report any possible misconduct and violation they may observe in their work through our easy-to-use whistleblowing channel. This can also be done anonymously. 

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Raute sustainability reporting

We report our sustainability actions and achievements annually and in reference to the GRI Standards.  

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Sustainable innovation

In the future, all our R&D initiatives will include measurable ESG targets to ensure that sustainability is embedded in Raute’s innovation efforts 

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