Raute plywood lay-up technology arouses interest in North America

Due to the industry-wide challenge to get labor, automation plays a big part in profitable production. This is one of the reasons Richmond Plywood Corporation Ltd. (Richply), Canada and Tolko Industries Ltd., Canada have invested in Raute Plywood Lay-up Line R7, and Swanson Group, USA has ordered a Raute Plywood Lay-up Line R5. These brand-new lay-up lines will replace existing labor-intensive lines.

With 50 deliveries of one-sided-gluing plywood lay-up lines, Raute is the global leader of this technology. These deliverable R7-Series and R5-Series plywood lay-up lines are semi-automated. Raute Lay-up Line R7 will run with two operators and the one-sided gluing operation will reduce the mill’s glue consumption. Raute Lay-up Line R5 will run with two operators using a roll coater and have a small footprint. 

Lines are designed and manufactured jointly in Raute Canada and Finland. Lines are expected to be delivered in 2023-2024.

Further information:
Trevor Wendt, Vice President, NAM
Tel. +1 604 619 0029, [email protected]

3D modeling of Raute Plywood Lay-up Line R7.