Our solutions

As the only company in the world, Raute provides mill-wide range of technologies and services for resource-efficient production of plywood, LVL and veneer from all wood species.

Mill-wide production process know-how

Raute's range of solutions include e.g. log handling, peeling, drying, veneer handling, plywood layup and pressing, panel handling as well as automation and control systems. Raute's solutions are complemented with a unique lifetime support concept that covers the whole lifespan of the mill, from the early planning of investment to mill audits, modernizations and mill improvements. This makes Raute a truly one-stop-stop with a powerful combination of equipment and services.

Raute's product and service offering can be divided into Product deliveries and Technology Services.

Project deliveries can include individual machines, production lines or the production processes of entire mills as well as most advanced measuring systems for prodution management and quality control. We ensure the efficiency of our customers' production processes and that they maintain their competitive advanteges throughout the life cycle of the production line.

Technology services include all the basic services from spare parts to regular maintenance and the modernixation of production lines. Our expert services support our customers in both investment decisions and production development. Our digital solutions can be linked to various service packages to produce information on the processes' effciencey and development areas. The information and skills required for safely and effectively operation production lines can also be learned through our online learning system.

Three dimensions of Raute's full-service concept


Entire production process

Core competences are in mill-wide production process knowhow > As the only company in the world, Raute provides the mill-wide range of technologies for production of plywood, LVL and veneer


Equipment and services

One-stop-shop - a powerful combination of equipment and services

Entire investment lifecycle

Lifetime support concept is unique: from early planning of investment to mill audits, modernizations, and mill improvements


Uncompromising safety

To achieve a safe mill environment and operations, safe production machinery and good work ergonomics are required. We offer safety solutions that improve well-being at work, occupational safety and productivity. The excellent ergonomics of our machines and state-of-the-art safety automation solutions guarantee smooth and safe working conditions.

We are active participants in a European working group developing the safety of machinery (Observing Committee (K114) of European Committee for Standardization CEN/TC 114- Safety of Machinery).

Growing together with the customer

We are genuinely interested in our customers’ needs and the bottlenecks and investment criteria of the veneer, plywood and LVL production processes. Manyost, by number, of our customers are relatively small private family companies. However, some of our customers are part of major consolidated forest groups that manufacture not only various wood-based panel products, but also products such as pulp, paper and sawn timber. Our goal is to become the preferred supplier for a growing number of customers, in more and more market areas.